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Valuation Services and Paper Machine Supplies

John Wilkie Paper Mill Services Ltd is based in Perthshire, Scotland on Loch Earn.

Our company offers:

  • Plant for the Paper, Board and Tissue Industries
  • Valuation services
  • Paper machine supplies
  • Water treatment by OMC Italy with many world references
  • Refiner fillings, screen cylinders, refiner rebuilds and parts by J & L Fiber Services

För försäljning av kompletta pappersmaskiner, utrustning för beredning av pappersmassa samt papperskonverteringsmaskiner, vänligen kontakta oss eller se vad vi har att erbjuda på vår hemsida.

Zum Verkauf kompletter Papierherstellungsanlagen, Stoffaufbereitung und Papier Verarbeitungsmaschinen nehmen Sie bitte mit uns Kontakt auf oder schauen Sie, was wir auf unserer Web-Seite anzubieten haben.

Связывайтесь с нами по вопросам продажи и приобретения бумагоделательных машин, оборудования подготовки массы и перерабатывающего оборудования. Вы также можете увидеть, что мы предлагаем, на нашем вебсайте.


Featured Items
RECARD CRESCENT FORMER TISSUE MACHINE: Year 1998, nominal width 2780mm, trimmed width 2730mm, design speed 1500 m/min, production speed up tp 1450, grammage 14-23 gsm, production 75t/day, raw material: virgin pulp, headbox refurbished by RECAR…
OVERMECCANICA CRESCENT FORMER TISSUE MACHINE: Year 1993, nominal width 2780mm, trimmed width 2730mm, design speed 1200 m/min, grammage 14-23 gsm, production 65t/day, raw material: virgin pulp, major rebuilds 1998.
NEWSPAPER PRINTING PLANT: Prepress CTP + Processor, KBA Commander Printing Press and FERAG mailrooms. Equipment and machinery can be purchased separately. Year of installation : 2006/2007. KBA COMMANDER 80: Tabloid Format:1156 mm (Cut off 57…
PASABAN KDB 1800 SHEETER. Year 2000, maximum width 1650 mm, minimum width 500 mm. Maximum speed 300 m/min, maximum length 2050 mm, minimum length 600 mm. Maximum roll diameter 1800 mm, minimum roll diameter 600 mm. Core diameter 200 - 300 mm. Grammag…
ROTARY SYNCHROFLY SHEET CUTTER MODEL GMC-TC II/1700 as new. Maximum mechanical speed: 350 m/min, trimmed web width: 1700mm, maximum cut-off capacity 600 gsm. Cut- off length range: 400 mm to 1778 mm. Hydraulic and shaftless twin unwind stand: maxi…
PEMCO MODEL 34 REAM WRAPPER: machine number P-2644R, model 34-R,year 2010, voltage 400V, three phase, cycles: 50 Hz. Photographs available on request.
Ziegler Paper: paper machine installed by Beloit in 1963,various updates 1991 to 2011. Wire width 3700mm, paper width at the pope 3350 mm. Production speed varies between 150 m/min to 800 m/min, depending on base weight. Base weight: 40gsm to 250 gsm…
Paper mill producing fluting and lining papers, envelope, bag craft papers.Two machines: machine one with one wire section, width 3450 mm at reel, production speed 500 m/min, drive left hand from headbox. Second machine with twin wire sections, botto…
Paper Machine 8600mm at the reel up, production 900 -1000 t/day, grammage 40 - 80 gsm, speed 1500 m/mi. Dryers 2200 mm diameter running at 2 bar pressure. Siemens DC drive, left hand side drive. Machine built by Voith 1990 with major rebuilds in 2005…
PAPER MILL with three paper machines; PM 1 width 2400 mm, PM2 width 2850 mm, PM 3 width 2990 mm. Products: book paper, web offset papers, sheet offset papers, wallpaper base, counter balancing papers. Annual production: 155,000 t/year. Full details a…
LIGHT WEIGHT GRAMMAGE PAPER MACHINE: GRAMMAGE 18-40 gsm. Drive on right from flowbox: width 3000mm, deckle at reel up: 2500 mm due to rewinder size. Rebuilds 1984-1989, 2002, 2006. Sole-plate centres: 3200mm, speed: 200 - 350 m/min, design speed: 39…
Paper Machine year 1971, rebuilt 2012 with major upgrades over the years. Manufacture: Escher Wyess/ Beloit/ Metso. Deckle 4890 mm, speed 1070 m/min, capacity 240,000 tons, grammage range 80 - 200 gsm. Dilution headbox: Symflo D by Metso, Fourdrini…
WRITING, PRINTING and SECURITY PAPER MILL: Paper machine PM 2: Wiggins Teape year 1954, width 2400mm, gsm 60 - 250, speed 70 -300 m/min. Paper machine PM 3,Bertrams Ltd year 1962, width 1500 - 2080 mm, gsm 70 -350, speed 90 -250 m/min.
Paper Mill with two paper machines PM13 (deckle 5300mm)and PM 14 (deckle 9400mm), producing newsprint. Suitable for conversion to writing and printing papers also for the production of brown papers. PM 14 and the stock preparation for both machines, …
Triple wire core board machine width 2400mm and laminator with board sheeter.
PAPER MAKING LINE FOR PRINTING AND WRITING GRADES. Year 1988, rebuild 2006. Grubbens, Valmet, Voith: stock preparation. Beloit, GL&V: refining. Albia, Black Lawson, Voith: approach flow. Voith: headbox. Johnson, Parsons Skillforce: wire part. O…
NOW SOLD: TWO PAPER MACHINES 8500mm REEL WIDTH PRODUCING NEWSPRINT: PM1: Valmet manufacture, year 1972, 1000 m/min, 165,000 tons/year, trim 8400mm, 45 - 55 gsm. PM2: Valmet manufacture, year 1974, 1000 m/min, 165,000 tons/year, trim 8400mm, 45 - 5…
Paper Machine producing cigarette tissue, grammage 14-35 gsm, design basis weight is 25 gsm, deckle at the reel is 3100mm, speed 300 - 400 m/min, balance speed on machine 500 m/min, porosity 100 sec / 100 ml, gross production 45 t/day based on 25 gsm…
FINISHING EQUIPMENT: all voltage 500v, three phase, fifty cycles: Stretch plastic roll wrapper,Falkenberg core cutter, Kleinwefers supercalender 3-K 80/14, off machine coater for the application of two sided coating.
SOFT NIP TANDEM CALENDER: SOFT NIP COVER 82T0403 (smooth roll). Cover width 9150mm, roll length 8700mm, nip length 8520mm. THERMO ROLL 82T0402 (hard roll).
Two CHP Units, Water Treatment Plant and Steam Turbine. CHP1: Frame 6 model PG6541, seventeen compression stages, year 1994. CHP2: Frame 6 model PG6561B, seventeen compression stages, year 2001. Steam Turbine: nominal 20MW ABB bask pressure.
ENERGY FROM WASTE PLANT: Waste amount: 33,000 t/year, 4,400 kg /hr Steam delivery: 13.5MW Steam pressure: 12 bar

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